Is an enterprise data-exchange platform with module-based functionality and customizable set of tools aimed at building environment and rules for transfer of information and value in multiple party business processes

EDGE is built to address the key inefficiencies of existing enterprise software solutions such as:

a. High level of centralization

b. Limited technology stack

c. Complex connectivity and lack of open protocols

d. Close-source software development model

EDGE incorporates the most recent trends in data exchange and software development and relies on the following technology:

a. Advanced cryptography

b. Consensus mechanisms for data reconciliation

c. Distributed data storage

EDGE allows businesses to automate complex multiple party operational cycles via:

a. Setting and controlling the order of data inputs and transfers in a multiple party business process

b. Automatic execution of business contract logic based on selected triggers / events

c. Data sharing between participants with multilayered access control

d. Creation of customizable web and mobile interfaces

EDGE is currently being introduced in logistics and trade industry as it relies on complex operational cycles and numerous intermediaries, which creates a lack of trust between parties





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